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Neked Food Experience

As they say, food symbolises love when words are inadequate, and we are here to share that love. We are all about creating exceptional everlasting delicious fresh & healthy NEKED FOOD experiences.

This is a place where you will get to unwind and indulge; a home away from home. You will get to explore our fabulous menu, where you can find a well-laid feast of visually stimulating, mouth-wateringly delicious plant-based food in abundance.

Our menus will occasionally change based on seasonal local produce as we are committed to serving you the freshest plant-based food.  

Using only the best, well-sourced ingredients and combining them with the knowledge, skill and imagination of our menu designer Vanessa.

 ~We create stylish,  handmade vegan food ~

Meet Vanessa Jarvis Findlay

Vanessa is the Founder, Owner and Chef of NEKED FOOD, a vegan restaurant in Clarens, Free State, South Africa. 


“This is my passion project and everything that you will get to explore and indulge in, from this beautiful restaurant is made with love. Food has always been my love language and I would love to share that love with you".


We strictly prepare 100 % vegan food, some of which is freshly picked from my very own garden. We aim to bring you the most breath-taking and mouth-watering NEKED FOOD indulgence.


In the words of Hippocrates 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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Meet Damion Findlay

Meet Daimon, Vanessa's amazing Husband & Business Partner  

NEKED FOOD is founded in honour of his late Mother Christine who was an incredible Chef and Foodie.

Meet The Team

Meet team NEKED FOOD - the passionate and dedicated individuals behind our amazing plant-based restaurant! Led by our talented head chef and owner, Vanessa Jarvis Findlay our team is made up of experienced cooks and friendly servers who all share a deep love for NEKED FOOD's vegan cuisine. We work tirelessly to bring you the freshest, most flavourful dishes that are not only delicious but also good for your health and the environment. Get to know us better when you visit NEKED Food today! 

5-Star Vegan Food | Nekedfood | Clarens
Ntate Thabang Koto


Dumelang Ntate Thabang here ! I am the Kitchen Manager of NEKED FOOD. I grew up in in the nearby regions of Ficksburg in the Free State. My family has had a long history of traditional healing and through those connections I came to work for NEKED and NEKED FOOD. I feel fortunate to work for both companies. By working for NEKED FOOD I have learnt that the way you eat can also change the way you feel and grow as an individual.

5-Star Vegan Food | Nekedfood | Clarens
Joy Nkopane


Hi! I am Joy Nkopane from Free State, Ficksburg. The restaurant manager of NEKED FOOD in Clarens.Our food is plant based food (100% vegan food). I was not raised vegan but I've learnt a lot ever since I joined the team at NEKED FOOD.I am from the farms and I love animals, if you have that pure love of animals you wouldn't want to hurt them ,and that's exactly why I love working with vegan food ,you do not get to hurt any animal nor kill them, just because we like the taste of their dear bodies. I no longer believe animals are here for us for food. VEGAN FOOD is soul food in its trust form.Soul food means to feed the soul, and to me your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure.🌱🫶🌱

5-Star Vegan Food | Nekedfood | Clarens
Zandile "ZaZa" Dlamini


Hi! I am Zaza Dhlamini from Qwaqwa. I am the assistant chef of NEKED FOOD. On my first day when I started working at NEKED FOOD my chef asked me if I like vegan food I replied..NO! I want meat! I never knew that there are so many people out there who can survive without eating meat, we always thought that meat is everyone's favourite dish. But then I was wrong all this time working at NEKED FOOD has taught me so much about the healthiness of vegan food. Ohh!! I love working with this plant-based food , it brings such beautiful smiles on people's faces and that's because we cooking them with the love in our hearts. Not hurting any of the living things. We are saving animals here!

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